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31 Days to an Organized Home

Spring time is organizing time! We have renewed energy, we look forward to creating and cleaning, and we want to freshen our home. We can cover all the territory in our home working in baby steps to keep from being overwhelmed. This list of 31 short projects gets you motivated, gets you started, and gets a lot done over 31 days. Follow this list and do one project each day for 30 minutes to an hour. First toss, then donate or recycle, group by categories, and create a routine that helps you stay organized.

The 31 days project is grouped around rooms in your home. As you move forward, you will be breaking your organizing into small steps in order to finish in each space.

1. Any 31 items. Just walk around the house and choose any 31 items.

2. Kitchen junk drawer

3. Under the Kitchen Sink

4. Refrigerator

5. Freezer

6. Spice cabinet

7. Laundry Room

8. Laundry room sink area

9. Pantry medicine basket

10. Paper goods

11. Pantry

12. Extra bags around the house

13. Computer or home office desk

14. Warranty and instruction books

15. Bookshelves and books

16. Technology

17. Under Bathroom Sink

18. Medicine Cabinet

19. Make up drawer

20. Undies, socks, jammies

21. Night stand drawers

22. Coat closet

23. Media cabinet

24. VHS movies

25. Linen Closet

26. Purses and bags

27. Tops, tee shirts and dresses

28. Pants and skirts

29. Shoes

30. Car

31. Any 31 items.  Eliminating an additional 31 items will make your home even less cluttered!

After 31 days, your de-cluttering and organizing will give you a boost for the entire year. Remember, organizing is a journey and not a destination. Take a few minutes every day to assess what you have and eliminate it immediately when it no longer serves your purposes, adds beauty to your life, or has meaning for you.

For over 10 years, Certified Professional Organizer and Certified Family Manager Coach, Ellen Delap has helped her clients make time and space for what’s important to them by organizing their homes, offices and their daily living. Ellen, owner of, works one on one with her clients in their home and offices streamlining their environment, creating effective strategies for an organized lifestyle and prioritizing organization in their daily routine.  She specializes in working with ADD and ADHD families, adults and students.

Ellen has been featured on Stretch Your Dollar on ABC13 Houston, in articles in the Houston Chronicle, a guest speaker on radio KLOVE, and is a national expert on The Clutter Diet, an online organizing website. She is a Golden Circle member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and a specialist in chronic disorganization and ADHD with the Institute of Challenging Disorganization. Learn more about her and her business at, Twitter @TexasOrganizer, Facebook business page EllenDelapProfessionalOrganizer and Pinterest Ellen Delap.

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