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Get Your Car Parked Back into the Garage Today

Here are some quick tips we used to help get this homeowner organized and fit the car back in the garage with our garage shelves in Houston.

Purge: Get rid of unused, unwanted items. You don’t need to hang onto things you don’t have a foreseeable use for.

Group and Organize: Group like items together. Storage bins of seasonal items together, yard equipment together, camping gear together, and bikes and sporting equipment together. Once everything is grouped based on category, decide where each group should be stored.

Seasonal items are only used once a year, so you probably don’t need them to be as accessible as other items. Yard tools and sports equipment are used more frequently, so store them somewhere where you can easily grab them when needed.

Utilize Wall Space: This is crucial to getting everything up off the floor. Your garage offers tons of untapped storage space. 4 walls worth to be exact. Instead of just pushing things over against the wall, use the vertical wall space to your advantage. Utilize shelves to store everything up high and out of the way, making more room for the cars.

Storage Hooks: Yard tools, bikes, chairs, and other items are often hard to store efficiently. Use durable hooks to hang these items off the ground.

These are just a few simple tips on how to get organized and get your car parked back in its intended space. Contact Garage Systems today to find out more about the versatile garage shelves Houston has to offer.

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